Do You Know Your Target Market?

Do You Know Your Target Market?

The first step in any recruiting process is understanding your Target Market.

Most networkers have a vague idea who they are looking for. If you ask them, they’ll say, “everyone, right?”.

No, not really.

People usually call this a “shot gun” approach. It can work, but you’ll likely have lots of collateral damage.

This is one of the biggest mistake new networkers make when they start a Network Marketing business…not knowing who are the right people for their business.

Not everyone wants to start a business, no matter how great you think it is.

Most people don’t succeed because they can’t sponsor or attract the right people into their business. They don’t know their Target Market.

Contrary to what the traditional Network Marketer will tell you, you don’t need to pitch your opportunity to everyone you come across.

You are only looking for those who are looking, and who are willing to put in the effort to get what they want. Trust me, not everyone wants to start a Network Marketing business, or any business.

This is a Network (People) Marketing business.

So, knowing your Target Market (people), and knowing who is right for this business, should be one of your top priorities.

One of the easiest way to find out if someone is right for your business…is just listen. Most networkers think the more they talk the more likely they will convince the prospect to join. This is a big mistake.

The focus needs to be on the prospect. It’s about them and what they want. Not about you, your company or your products.

Find out what they want and you’ll know if they are right for your business or not.

To Your Success,

Ed Tong
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