Are You Working Smart?

Are You Working Smart?

Because of the internet, information is widely available for free, which means networkers are becoming more and more educated.

In order to attract these new breed of networkers, you will have to increase your knowledge.

You have to stand out from the crowd.

You have to do things the mass won’t do.

You have to develop systems and processes that don’t tailor to weakness, like most of the ones out there.

The standard, “make a list” and talk to everyone on that list, and hope to find a superstar, is not very effective. Same goes for, “the products sells themselves” and “just find that one person who will make all that money for you”.

Statements and methods like those only create “get rich quick” and “something for nothing” mindsets.

You need to set higher standards for your people you bring into your business.

You are not looking for just anyone. You only want the most qualify. The ones who are ready for challenges.

You have to teach your distributors to not only work hard, but work SMART.

Telling them to go chase their warm market, without telling them how, is not working smart. Telling them to talk to more people when they have no luck sponsoring, without finding out the reasons why, is not working smart.

Working SMART is:

  • Leverage Technology and the Internet
  • Learning the “HOW”
  • Learning “WHY” people will do join your opportuntiy
  • Having a strategy
  • Learning what it REALLY takes to run a successful business
  • Learning marketing and human psychology
  • Learning to find others sources of leads
  • Developing a marketing system for your team
  • Only work with those who deserve, not need

As the industry matures, you will need to mature, and you need to educate your leaders to do the same.

You will need to embrace technology.

History has already proven those who ignore and dismiss technology will struggle.

Don’t just stick to the old methods.

You need to evolve!

Stand out and rise above the crowd!

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To Your Success,

Ed Tong
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