Ways To Generate Leads For Your Business


So, how do you get people to look at your business?

The old way of “making a list” and “chasing your warm marketing” is not effective and inefficient.

Now, I’m not saying they don’t work. Your warm market can be a value source for leaders.

But the average person doesn’t have superstars in their circle of friends, and most people use the wrong approach prospecting their warm market.

If you want to prospect your warm market make sure you communicate your intentions clearly and honestly.

Don’t invite them to a party, then pull out a flipchart. It’s just not professional.

Don’t mislead people. They may not trust you again.

Like most networkers, I have tried the old-school methods on my warm market, and boy, my emotions were like riding a roller coaster.

I think I’m a pretty unemotional guy, but there were many times I question myself about this business.

I’m sure many of you have the same or worst experiences.

If you want to prospect your warm market, do it the right way. Don’t mislead.

Remember, emotional attachment is stronger within your warm market than with strangers.

A few NO’s and friends avoiding you will drain you emotionally. There is no fun in that.

The solution: find other sources to generate leads. Use your warm market as an add-on, not as the only source.


Free Methods
1. Networking Events
2. Professional Meetups
3. Daily Social Interactions
4. Free Online Classifies (ie, Craigslist)
5. Blogging
6. Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkin)
7. Article Marketing
8. Online Press Release
9. Social Bookmarking

Paid Methods
1. Advertising on Newspaper
2. Advertising in Magazine
3. Advertising with Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing)
4. Advertising on People’s Websites
5. Advertising on Social Media

These are just samples of lead generating sources. There are many other sources if you really dig deep into them.

When you approach these sources, don’t lead with your company, product and opportunity. That’s too tactical.

Lead with YOU as a leader who can help them get out of their situation and get INTO the life that they are looking for.

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To Your Success,

Ed Tong
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