The Missing Ingredient In Making Money Online

The Missing Piece

This Missing Piece To Making Money Online

There are five “essential elements” for online business success:  
1. Traffic
2. Funnel
3. Filter
4. Follow Up
5. ???????

Number five is what I called the “Missing Ingredient“.

The fifth element is not widely talked about, but make no mistake, all top marketers have this.

This is a little secret among the top…a secret that have made them extremely wealthy online.

It’s not a secret anymore, read on as I’ll reveal it to you…

Let me set the stage for you.

First, you have to understand why a huge majority of people struggle to profit online.

Most internet marketing gurus will not talk about this…but the industry is littered with failures and unfulfilled dreams.

Did you know over 95% of people who start online, fail?

Yes, that’s a fact, and most of these gurus are not addressing that.

Anyone who tells you building a successful online business is easy is either misinformed or flat out lying to you.

Here’s how the scenario usually plays out.

You come across an online advertisement or social media post promising you can make a fortune online part-time from the comfort of your home.

You buy the course and invest in all the tools they say you need to make money online.

You are told to become an affiliate, promoting products ranging from $7 – $47.

After a few weeks goes by, your friends and family think you’re delusional and wasting your time chasing some “get rich quick” scheme.

The worst part is, you are starting to think they are right.

You have worked your butt off, but you have little to show for.

After a few months you are either making very little, or worse, losing a whole bunch.  Does this sound familiar?

Maybe you’re in that situation right now.

Now, let me tell you why this model will never work.

Let’s look at the main problem…the price of the products you are told to promote.

This is why most traditional marketing systems you sign up for don’t work.

Let look at a typical system and how much it would take for you to make a full-time income.

Let say your goal is to make $5,000 a month.  Most affiliate programs pays 50% commission:

•  At the $7 price point you will need 1,428 sales a month ($3.50 profit X 1,248 = $5,000).
•  $27 price point: 370 sales a month.
•  $47 price point: 212 sales a month.

As you can see, to make the money you want you will need to generate a lot of sales each and every month.

Even if you’re promoting a $97 product you’ll still need 103 sales a month.  For someone starting out this is not possible.

And I haven’t even factor in the cost of promoting the offer, because there is not a chance you’ll make those kinds of sales without some sort paid traffic.

So, what is the solution?

Let take a look at a business model that is already proven to work…franchising.

Take for example, McDonald’s.

The main reason people buy a McDonald’s franchise is because of the SYSTEM.  The system is already proven to be successful.

All the owner need to do is plug into that system and it just runs itself (even high school students can do it).

This is why people pay top dollar for a McDonald’s franchise.

But think about this for a moment, is it faster to sell 1 million hamburgers or 1 McDonald’s for $1 million?

Of course, it’s faster and less work to sell a McDonald’s franchise, and McDonald’s has already sold tens of thousands of them, because it’s a guaranteed system that is proven to work.

Now, I’m not tell you to go out and buy a franchise, I’m trying to give you a reference, but there is a business model that is similar to a franchise model…and, it’s called licensing.

But unlike the high investment costs of a franchise like McDonald’s, there are online licensing models that allows you to invest little up front, leverage a proven system, someone else’s success and marketing material, and make big commissions.

Licensing also gives you all the benefits of an affiliate marketing model and if you are in a top tier program, then you also enjoy high commissions.

Now, we know that the licensing model is where we need to be, but you still need something else.

You need a tiered product mix.

You a need program that offers low front-ends as well as high ticket back-ends.

This leads us to the “Missing Ingredient”…High Ticket.

You need high priced products or services so you can be extremely profitable.

Let’s go back to the scenario where you want to make $5,000 a month.

With high ticket programs, the typical commission can range from $1,000 – $5,000 profit per sale.

•  At $1,000 profit you only need 5 sales.
•  At $3,000 profit you only need 2 sales.
•  At $5,000 profit you only need 1 sale.

Are you getting the idea now?

Do you want to sell 1,428 products per month or just 5?

The other reason why you need to be in a high ticket program is the cost associate with acquiring a customer (economic of the business).

Most new people coming into this industry don’t consider this.

If you are selling a $27 product ($13.50 profit), that means you can only spend up to $13.50 to acquire a customer.

And with the ever increasing cost of paid media online, selling low ticket items is becoming very difficult to be profitable.

Now, if you make $1,000 commission that means you can spend up to $1,000 to acquire a customer.

I hope you just had an “A-HA” moment right now.

If you can spend more money to acquire a customer your chance of making money increases exponentially.

Do you see the power of high ticket?

This is what separates the pros apart from the rest who are struggle to make anything at all.

“If you want to build a profitable business online, you need to find program that is already proven successful, with tiered product mix that includes high ticket products or services.”

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