The #1 Component Of A Perfect Business Funnel

Sales Funnel

You probably heard of a marketing funnel and sales funnel. Both of these are good ways to bring in the customer, but what do you do after that?

That’s where the business funnel comes in, and that’s where most of the profits are made.

Now, these 3 funnels do overlap in some cases. The marketing funnel pre-sells the offer, the sales funnel sells the offer, and the business funnel maximizes the offer (and this is where your business is ultimately built on).

In order build a profitable business you need:

1. Front-end offers
2. Back-end offers

The front-end offers are sold in the sales funnel (the main purpose of the front-end is to acquire a customer, not necessarily to make a profit).

But usually during the initial sales process it’s hard to sell high-priced, high-profit products…and those are the products that build your business for the long-term.

The back-end offers are the #1 component of a perfect business funnel.

Those high-ticket, high-profit products are sold on the back-end.

There are really only 3 ways to grow a business:

1. Get more customers
2. Raise your prices
3. Get existing customers to buy more (repeat customers)

#1 is where 90% of businesses focus on…and this is the main reason why most don’t last long. Acquiring a new customer is also the most expensive way to grow a business.

You need to get existing customers to buy more, and ultimately more high-priced products (ascension)…that’s where the back-end comes in.

Back-end products can range from $500 to $30,000 and up.

Now, of course, selling a $10,000 product is different than selling something at $10…but the truth is, it doesn’t take 1,000’s times more effort.

Selling high-priced products does take more work initially, but it can be a whole lot easier to manage in the long run.

Think about it…if you want to make $100,000…you need 10,000 customers at $10…but only 10 customers at $10,000.

Which one do you think requires more work in the long run?

Having more customers is not really a good thing with low-cost products…unless, of course, you have a back-end funnel in place to ascend these people to higher-ticket offers.

Here are some examples of back-end products:

1. License rights
2. Masterminds
3. Coaching
4. Done-for-you systems
5. Events
6. More advanced training

So, how do you sell high-ticket back-end’s?

In order for someone to put down thousands of dollar with you, they need to “Know, Like and Trust” you.

They need to know that it’s in their best interest to follow you. That means you need to provide massive amount of value that will get them results.

It’s all about them. Remember, most people are selfish…they only do things that benefits them as well…sorry to say, but most only follow you so they can get what they want.

Lead and inspire them to achieve more than they think is possible…

…and Relationship, Relationship, Relationship!

Want to profit massively for the long-term?  Then you need back-end offers.

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