Use These Sponsoring Tips To Build A Big Business

Use These Sponsoring Tips To Build A Big Business

Sponsoring Tips:

  • Sponsor Prospects who are on your Social/Economic Level & Above
  • Sponsor people you Love, Respect, Admire and would want to be Associated with
  • Sponsor people who are on you Attitude level and Above
  • Sponsor Individuals…Not Titles, Not Groups or Associations
  • Sponsor people, One at a time
  • Sponsor people within you Sphere of Influence –people you know & know you
  • Sponsor people who are Ambitious, Trustworthy, Hungry, Willing to Work & Willing to Listen
  • Sponsor Happy People…No Grumps Allowed
  • Sponsor people initially within driving distance of you home –in order to support them
  • Sponsor people who have a Dream and are willing to Do something about it
  • Sponsor people you Like and want to be around
  • Sponsor Upwardly Mobile people, not Projects
  • Sponsor the Most Successful People you Know

Keys to Creating The Proper Mindset & Culture:

  1. Don’t get in a hurry
  2. Don’t be greedy
  3. Don’t panic
  4. Choose wisely

You want to build, cultivate and forge friendships, loyalty and trust! Build friendships and you will build a successful business. As you build your business kept these mindsets in mind…

  • Be Enthusiastic!
  • Be Positive!
  • Be Involved!
  • Be an Owner!
  • Be Successful!
  • Be Teachable!

-Ed Tong

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