Simple Way To Start Conversations

Simple Way To Start Conversations

We tend to tell people about the product during the contact and inviting process, instead we should focus on qualifying them to see if they are really looking for an opportunity.

Remember, you’re looking for people who are looking. Try to find out someone’s “Why”, their reason for looking.

A good way to try to see if they are looking is to use the FORM (Family, Occupation, Recreation, Motive) formula.

  1. Family –How’s the family, wife, kids? How are they doing? What’s going on in their lives? Are they married? Where do they live?
  2. Occupation –How long have you been in (occupation)….give compliments on an apparent skills if you that it applies to their occupation. How is it going?
  3. Recreation –What do they enjoy or what do they have an interest in doing with their free time?
  4. Motive –Try to find out what is motivating them to be interested in a secondary source of income…their “Why”. Better health…physically, financially, emotionally or spiritually.

“The key to becoming successful with contacting and inviting is practice.”

When you talk to people always maintain a positive and effective attitude. Your attitude is a tool. Smiling when talking to someone gives you the appearance of a confident non-threatening attitude.

People do not operate from the truth; they operate from their perception of the truth. With this Understanding, you will not become defensive when people raise objections about the product or opportunity.

Don’t try to be a Salesman, be a Messenger…this way there won’t be pressure for anyone.  And don’t forget to have fun sharing.

To Your Success,
-Ed Tong

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