Millionaire Mindset

Millionaire Mindset

Many people would love to be a millionaire, but most really have no idea how to get to that point.

What are the secrets of millionaires?

What do millionaires know that most don’t?

Are they born to be special?

Well, I’m here to tell you, if you ask most millionaires, they’ll tell you they weren’t born with special abilities.

There are really no secrets to become a millionaire.  Self-made millionaires will tell you it takes work and efforts to get their level, but it’s nothing anyone can’t do.  The most important thing you need to develop is proper and strong mindset.

When you want to achieve the level of elites, mindset is everything, and not just in making money.  It applies to all aspect of a rewarding life.

So, how do you develop a Millionaire Mindset?

There are many, but below are some I think that are important to understand.

  1. Be 100% Committed to Being a Millionaire, Not Just Want to be a Millionaire –People want to be a millionaire, but most will never commit 100% to get there.  Being committed takes work, and usually this is where people drop the ball.  Most people don’t want to put in the effort to be rich.  Understand that being a millionaire will take more work and effort you’ll probably ever put in your life so far.  If you are willing to commit to it, then you will get there.
  2. Create Life and Shape Your Own Destiny, Not Just Wait for Life to Happen – Millionaires don’t wait for things to happen, they go out and create the life they envision.  A millionaire mindset is proactive, not reactive.  Don’t wait for things to come to you, go out and find it.  The mind of an entrepreneur has unlimited possibilities.  The mind of a worker is limited to what the company tells them.
  3. Think and Talk Ideas, Not Gossip – Great leaders and business people talk about big ideas.  Some of these ideas may go against the thinking of the average person.  The brilliance of a millionaire mindset is they can go beyond the thinking of masses.  They are not pre-occupied with gossips and small talk around them.  How do you start thinking about like a millionaire?  For starters, reduce your TV time, and start reading and attending self-development seminars.  Expose yourself to other millionaires and leaders.  You don’t have to physically interact with them.  Read, watch or listen to what they have to share.  You can find all these online.
  4. See Challenges as Opportunities, Not Obstacles – Most people when they encounter a challenge, they immediately think the worst.  Their mind just can’t get over that obstacle.  The millionaire mindset sees a challenge as an opportunity.  If you want to be rich, you will face many challenges.  If there are no challenges, then everyone would be a millionaire.  Of course, this is not the case.  Facing challenges will strength the mindset.  Once you overcome a challenge you are more equipped and prepared to deal with bigger challenges in the future.  You are essentially rewiring your mindset to face bigger things.
  5. Surround Self with Successful People – Millionaires associate and surround themselves with other successful people.  Remember, “great minds think alike”.  Look around your surroundings.  Do they reflect the life that you want to achieve?  Are they positive or most negative?  Most people don’t realize how bad energy can affect their mindset.  The mind develops belief based on repetition.  If you are exposed to negative thoughts repeatedly, they you mind will make them real.  Expose your mind to positive reinforcements, then your mind make them real.
  6. Paid Based on Result, Not Time – Most self-made millionaires are businesspeople, where they are paid for the results they put forth.  Of course there are millionaires who work for companies, but they are very small percentage.  Think about it, how many CEO’s or Vice Presidents are in your company?  Millionaires understand that results will make you rich.  The “Time for Money” mentality is a worker’s mentality, and there aren’t many rich workers out there.
  7. Act in Spite of Fear, Not Stop Them – Millionaires face their fears and overcome them.  The fears we face in business are not usually real.  They may seem real in your mind, but it is nothing more than False Expectation Appearing Real.  It’s all in your mind.  This is one main reason why most people will never become a millionaire.  They let fear stop them from achieve the life they want.  Face your fears and nothing can stop you.
  8. Self-Improvement – Millionaires seek advice, read books and listen to people who are more successful than them in a particular area.  Millionaires are constantly in search to improve themselves in all aspects of their lives.  Commit to learn from leaders of industries.  Adapt new ideas.  Commit yourself as a life-long student.  Never stop learning.
  9. Millionaires are Creators, Not Just Consumers – The vast majority of millionaires create assets.  These can be properties, products, ideas, etc., and the majority of the poor are consumers of these assets.  Be a creator, not just a consumer.
  10. Millionaires Help Others to Become More Successful – Millionaires understand that the more people that you help to become wealthy and successful, the more they will try to help you in your pursuit of wealth and other goals.  There is nothing better to build relationship with like-minded people than to help them achieve their goals.  Once you establish that relationship, you have a friend and business partner for life.  The more people you help, the bigger your vision will grow.  If have an army of successful people by your side…there is nothing you can’t do.

Ok, hope the above give you some understanding of what goes on in a millionaires’ minds.  Ultimately, if you want to be a millionaire, you have to think beyond what the average person thinks.  It’s not enough just to want to be a millionaire, you have to think like one, and of course, work at it.

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