How To Work Smarter

How to Work Smarter in Network Marketing

It’s no secret that over 95% of networkers never find success.

Why does this happen?

Your uplines said, “anyone can do this business”, right?

Technically, that’s not a lie. Anyone can do this business, but, the fact is, not everyone will make money.

One main reason is that most people just blindly following system/process/tools their uplines or company gives them, without understanding what they are, and most of these resources teach old-school Network Marketing “tactics”.

These simplified “tactics” tell you to, “do this, do that, don’t do this, don’t do that”… which is not very effective without solid “strategies” behind them.

If your uplines and company are not giving you sound “strategies” to succeed, you will need to develop them.

Because most networkers are just using and following “tactics”, let me quickly explain the difference between been tactical and strategic.


  • Tactical – Just talk to more people.
  • Strategic – Understand what will drive people to want to join your business or buy your products, so you can effectively market to them.

Strategies teaches the “WHY” and “HOW”.

Success in Network Marketing boils down to how much value you add to yourself and to others.

The value is not just telling people to “do things”.

The value you add is understanding “WHY” people want to do this business, join your team, and buy your products or services.

Once you know the “WHY”, you are in a better position to market to them (the “HOW”).

It took me some time to discover this concept, because they are not usually taught. But once I understood, it changed the way I approach this industry.

The reason why most networkers don’t learn and teach strategies is because it takes more effort.

Most of the old-school methods we’ve been taught teaches watered-down systems and action plans.


They want make the business appear “brain dead” easy, that anyone and everyone can do it just by following these simplified plans.

I know many will disagree with me here.  That it has to appear so easy in order to be duplicable.  This kind of thinking, in my opinion, just gives people a false expectation about what it really takes to build a successful business.

Another problem is that this mindset will be pass down your organization, and you have many distributors expecting success with little effect.  This is  not a sustainable model.

You’re probably thinking, “But Ed, I want an easy duplicable system, like the ones out there”.

Well, over 95% of distributors fail in Network Marketing. Do you really want learn and teach these systems?

Now, I’m not saying old-school techniques don’t work. In my opinion, they are just not very effective nor efficient.

Consider this, in the business world over 95% of managers are “tactical managers”. Less than 5% are “strategic managers”. Those “strategic managers” are the visionaries of companies.

What’s the percentage of leaders in Network Marketing? Is there a correlation? You bet!

And Yes, I knew about the over 95% failure rate before I got into Network Marketing. But, you see, I never considered myself being part of that group, and you shouldn’t either.

Strive to add value to yourself and to others. Learn how to apply strategies to your tactics. Learn how to meet the needs of your prospects.

–> for serious MLM Business owners ONLY

To Your Success,

Ed Tong
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