How To Sponsor BIG Networkers Into Your Business

How To Sponsor BIG Networkers Into Your Business

How To Sponsor BIG Networkers Into Your Business

So, you want to learn how to sponsor BIG Networkers into your business?  What are the secrets?

Well, there are many things that separates a leader, who sponsors effortlessly, from the average networker.  Fortunately, most, if not all, can be developed if you set your mind to it.

There is one thing all these leaders possess.  Develop this and you have advantage over 90% of networkers.  What is it?  It’s called…


Developing posture is very important if you want to sponsor effortlessly.

What is posture?

Simply put, it’s your…

“Belief + Confidence”

These two must work together to be effective.  You can have all the confidence in the world, but if your heart is not in it, people will eventually see through that.  Same goes for having belief but no confidence.

Your Beliefs
Belief is a very powerful thing, and need to be established from the beginning for long-term success.

What beliefs must you have?

  • Believe you have something good of offer people.
  • Believe you can change people’s lives.
  • Believe you can change your life.
  • Believe in the product, company and the industry.
  • But most importantly, believe in yourself.

“What the mind of man can conceive and believe, the mind of man can achieve.”
-Napoleon Hill

How To Have Confidence

Confidence can be developed, and must be developed if you want to build a successful business.  Just remember this quote:

“You are not what people think you are.  You are what you think people think you are”

Confidences is a state of mind.  What you think is possible, you can achieve.  Think you are brave and you will be brave.  But think you are shy and you will be shy.  We have the power to control our own thoughts.  Focus that on building confidence.

Here’s a tip:

A good approach to build confidence when introducing your opportunity is to set a right tone at the beginning.  Say something like this:

“Hi Ed, thanks for taking the time to come here.  Before we start, I want you to know I’m not here to sell you anything.  I’m only here to share and provide information.  If you are interested at the end then we can talk more.”

When you remove the pressure to sell you will put your prospect and yourself at ease, and when you are relaxed you gain more confidence in your presentation.

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To Your Success,

Ed Tong

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