How To Make More Sales Without Selling More


Now, I know what you’re thinking “how can I sell more without selling more?”….doesn’t seem to make sense, right?

Now, follow me on this, and after you’re done with this post, you’ll learn how to do it.

And in my opinion…what I’m about to share with you should be how you should run your business.

There is a misconception that in order to make lots of sales you have to be selling all the time.

That is bad advice…and whoever tells you this is either a hardcore salesperson or has no concept of selling.

Now, I’m not saying hardcore salespeople don’t make good money…but at what cost? Those are the people that ruins the sales profession and why consumers hate salespeople…they are usually the reason why most avoid salespeople whenever possible.

But sales don’t have to be like that. You don’t have to shove your offers down people throats, or spam your affiliate links everywhere on the web (OK, I’m guilty of doing this before as well, lol).

Sales should be a “good experience” for both the customer and the business.

The buying and selling process is a value exchange. The buyer gives you money in exchange for your service, expertise, product or opportunity.

The buyer has to value your offer just as much or bigger than what the money is worth to them. In order for your offer to be considered valuable, your offer needs to be “perceived more valuable” than the perceived value of the currency being exchanged.

It should be a win-win for both parties.

The key word here is “perceived more valuable“…your offer needs to be valuable in the eyes of the consumer…the more valuable the better.

I hope this make sense…basically, the value of your product is higher than value of the money the customer is willing to give you.

Now, value is different for different people…but you can always increase the “perceived” value of your product.

For example:

  • If you are selling cars…you can give away free floor mats, free oil changes for a limited time, or low-cost financing.
  • If you are a restaurant…you can offer free dessert or drink with each meal, buy one get one free, or have free music nights.
  • If you are promoting a online product or opportunity…you can give away free bonuses, coaching sessions, or longer money back guaranteed terms.

The bigger the perceived value of your product is in comparison to the consumers’ perceived value of their money, the easier it is to sell.

When you raise your perceived value, you can sell more without needing to increase the number of visitors/prospects…essentially, you’re increasing sales conversion.

And when consumers feel confident they are getting a great deal, they’ll gladly throw money at you!

Of course, the relationship shouldn’t just end with the initial purchase. Continue building relationship and goodwill by providing consistent value to your customers and the marketplace.

Your success, ultimately, will be determined by the amount of value you provide.

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