8 Ways To Develop An Attractive Character

8 Ways To Develop An Attractive Character

Why 8 and not 10 ways, you might be asking?

Well, I’m Chinese, and the number 8 is very lucky. In Chinese, the number 8 sounds like “prosper” or “wealth”.

If you didn’t know, you just learned something new. 🙂

Most people believe in order to have an attractive character, you have to always be agreeable and tailor to everyone’s whims. That, of course, is further from the truth.

People may like you, but most will probably not take you seriously, especially in business.

Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t be nice and friendly to people. But you do have to set some boundaries, protect the things you believe and have personal philosophies in your life.

Remember, in order to be YOU, you cannot accommodate everyone or every situation.

There is no doubt that having an attractive character can have great influence in the success of your business.

Most of us are not born with a magnetic personality that instantly draws prospects to us. The good thing is that these traits can be learned.

You can apply the following Online and Offline.

Here are 8 Ways to Develop an Attractive Character

  1. Have a personal story and share it. By telling your story, prospects will be able to relate to you better, thus, combating skepticism. Stories are also more memorable.
  2. Take a position of a likable authority: Someone who is liked and trusted, who also provides value and leadership.
  3. Reveal personal happenings. Let people know what is going on in your life; like your failures, struggles, aspirations, successes, celebrations, etc. Don’t be too personal, though.
  4. Speak in same voice through all media. Be the same person in every venue. People will believe and trust consistency. Be yourself in everything you do. If you fake it, you don’t feel your natural self and will come off as less confident.
  5. Stand out and be outspoken. Say things others are thinking but are afraid to say. Attractive characters are often controversial people. You don’t need everyone to love you, only those who like you, so you’ll attract the people you want. Think Donald Trump.
  6. Will offend at times, but not intentionally. Remember, you are not here to please everyone, so, not everyone will agree with what you stand for.
  7. Has a clearly defined personal philosophy. Have to believe in what you are doing and saying. People with strong personal philosophy tend to do better in business. Make sure what you are doing adds value to yourself and others.
  8. Give people a reason to follow you. What do you have to offer to attract people to you? Develop ways to differentiate yourself from the average networker.

Ultimately, long-term success in Network Marketing comes down to the size of your organization, so, developing an attractive character is crucial.

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