How To Build Belief


How To Build Belief

You need great deal of belief to draw the right people to you.

Doesn’t matter how long you have been building your business, you are going to attract people to you as long as you have great belief in what you do.

Our success usually is not tied to the success of others, upline, etc.  You can earn more than people in the company who have joined before you.

Your belief will determine how far you are going.  Belief is very important; it is the foundation, the support and thing that will keep you going when situations get tough.

There may often be doubts when people first join an opportunity.

So, how do you get pass those doubts?  How do you build belief?

These doubts usually creep in because you are new and don’t have any success yet.  This can make us unsure about approaching people and offer an opportunity that we don’t have success in yet.

What you need is to have confidence in everything you got, and not about where you are.

You have to believe what the opportunity can give you, or what the product can do for you.
You have to believe in what you are doing, and that you are genuinely here to help others.
If you lack belief in what you are doing, you will also lack the confidence when talking to prospects.  Without confidences you will have a hard time attracting people to you.

Helping other is a great way to build belief.

By helping people you are not just building your belief, you are also helping them build theirs.  The more people you help, the more attractive you become.  Your ultimate goal, of course, is to have prospects come to you, not you chasing them.

You also want to be able to feel the belief, not just internalizing it.

Go to company events to experience other people’s beliefs.   Many people in the industry have started just like you, or even worse, and made it big in the business.

You’ll see leaders with the same struggles like you.  Use their inspiration to help you build belief.

Surround yourself with the right people.  People who understands the situations you are going through, and can direct you to the right path.

Once you know success is possible given various challenging circumstances, you’ll feel it’ll be possible for you too.

It’s crucial that you have belief in what you are doing.  Without it, it’s very hard for you to succeed.  This applies to anything in life, not just in business.

As your business grows, your belief also grows and becomes stronger.  So, keep building belief in yourself and build belief in network marketing.

If you show belief and purpose you can achieve amazing things.

Ed Tong Build Belief

To Your Success,

Ed Tong

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