If You Are thinking About Using Google Adwords, You Need to Read This

Thinking About Using Google Adwords

We all know Google is the Number 1 search engine in the world, and if you really serious about doing any type of business online, you definitely need to consider advertising with them.

If you are new to advertising online, you need to understand how to create effective Ads. You see, Google will penalize you if you put up crappy, non-preforming Ads.

The most popular types of online Ads are “Pay Per Click (PPC)” Ads. You are charged by the search engine when someone clicks on your Ad.

Most people are not aware that not all Ads pay the same price per click, even if they are targeting for the same keywords.

There is a measurement called “Click Through Rate (CTR)“. It is basically the number of time your Ad was clicked after a number of times it has been shown. So, if your ad was displayed 100 times and 1 person clicked on it, then the CTR is 1%.

The higher your CTR, the lower your “Cost Per Click (CPC)“. The lower you CTR, the higher your CPC.

Why does Google, and other online advertisers, do this?

There are limited spaces available for Google to display Ads. You are basically renting Ad space from them.

Google only gets pay if a user clicks on your Ad. The more people click on your Ad, the more Google makes. Specifically, Google Adwords.

If only small number of people clicks on your Ad, Google doesn’t make much money.

So, to compensate for that, Google will charge you more per click.

So, if you want to get the cheapest CPC as possible, you need to attract people to click on your Ad. Beware though, attracting doesn’t mean tricking. Always deliver what you promised on your Ad.

To write good Ads, you will need to know the basics of human psychology. Advertising is basically triggering human emotions.

In order to advertise effectively, you need to learn MARKETING and COPYWRITING. Those I will go ever in future posts.

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