Consultative Selling

Consultative Selling

Don’t like to sell?  Me neither. But the truth is, you need some sales skills in any business.

Sales shouldn’t be a bad word in your business. Most people, including myself, have a wrong impression when it comes to sales.

When we think of sales, we think of those sleazy, manipulative and aggressive salespeople we encounter in our lives.

But sales doesn’t have to be like that. True salesmanship goes beyond those annoying and unwelcome tactics.

One way to change the of perception selling is to present yourself as a consultant…what experts called Consultative Selling.

“Salespeople chase customers. Customers seek consultants.”

Yes, you can sponsor many distributors with hard sales tactics. There are those who will tell you, “you have to be closing everytime”.  I don’t buy that.  If you force or manipulate someone to sign up, it’s against their decision, and this usually will not last.

Can you recall a time when you purchased sometime because the salesperson was so persistent?  Then after you got home, you wonder why you bought in the first place.  That’s called buyer’s remorse.  Chances are you won’t go back to that place again.  Don’t let that happen to your business.

Your prospects need to make their own decision to buy your products or join your business.  Until they are fully committed themselves, they can never be fully into what you are offering.  Your job is to guide them towards that decision making process by educating them and building trust and relationship.

Strive to be a consultant.

A consultant provides information and recommendations to help solve their customers’ problems, not just making a sale for their own benefit.  In network marketing, the more people you help, the more successfully you will become, and people will seek you for advice.

“If you help many people get what they want, you can have everything you want.”
-Zig Ziglar

How do you find out what your prospects’ needs are?

By asking questions and listening.

When you first meet someone, don’t treat them as a prospect you want to sell to, but as a client you are offering solutions to.  When you become a solution provider, people will seek and listen to what you have to offer.

What does a consultant do?

  • listens and find prospects’ needs
  • find solution to needs
  • educated customer/distributors
  • build relationships with customer/distributors

Remember, enrolling someone is not just getting them to buy your products.  You have to educate and nurture them if you want long-term success.

How to be a good consultant?

  • learn all you can about your product, company and business
  • be confident and have belief in what you are offering
  • build relationships with customer/distributors
  • have to understand it’s about “them” not you

To Your Health and Wealth,
-Ed Tong

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