Branding You Through Attraction

Branding You Through Attraction

How do you brand YOU?

What is branding through attraction?

It is a process where you elevate yourself to a solution provider, a consultant, an authority, an expert in the eyes of your prospects.

Contrary to what people think, attraction is not a choice. It is deep within the human emotion, and it has been with us since the beginning.

We are instinctively attracted or un-attracted to people based on the value they have, because we gain some of that value through association. This is a very powerful concept to understand.

In the past, people follow the leader with physical attributes. Now, followers gravitate towards people who are popular, business leaders, wealthy or authorities in certain areas.

People are subconsciously attracted to people with leadership traits and higher personal value.

If you want to attract people to you, you have to give people value, and the level of your value will determine the people you attract.

Until you understand and learn to add value, you will struggle in business.

In order for you to give value to others, you have to add value to yourself.

The more value you give, the more attractive you become.

A great way to brand yourself is through social media.

Remember, branding YOU is the most important thing you can do in Network Marketing. It’ll separate you from the 99%.

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