Are Your Signals Killing Your Chance Of Success?

Are Your Signals Killing Your Chance Of Success?

Are you aware of the signals you are sending to your prospects?

Most of us are not. If you want to have any chance of success in prospecting, then you need to.


Have you talked to someone, and you just don’t feel comfortable? There is something there, but you just can’t pinpoint what it is, but it definitely doesn’t feel right. You just get a bad vibe from that person.

You see, we all send signals when we interact with others. Most of the time we are not aware we are sending those signals.

Now, imagine you’re talking to a prospect and you just don’t feel confident, and a little desperate. You may try to hide it, but chances are your prospect will pick up on it. Your prospect may not know what it is, but they’ll get a feeling something just doesn’t feel right.

You may have the best opportunity, the most amazing product and the most generous pay plan, but if your thoughts and signals you are projecting are not align with what you are presenting, you will struggle with attracting people.

People join you, not your opportunity, product or pay plan.

Be genuinely with people. Be clear and honest about what you have to share. Don’t try to hide anything. Believe that you can help people achieve their dreams. If you are authentic, you’ll be more relaxed and more confident.

Above all, be yourself!

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