Are Your Prospects Reading Your Mind?


Are Your Prospects Reading Your Mind?

Knowing this powerful secret, which is usually not taught, will help you to become an expert recruiter. It’ll make prospecting a whole lot easier in the process. Read more to find out…

All of us have a built-in radar, so to speak. We are constantly receiving signals and patterns around us. If you understand this, and remind yourself of this when prospecting, then you will have no trouble recruiting.

If you understand this, then you know that your prospect is sensing things about you.

They are receiving signals about your authenticity, intent, motive, focus and agenda.

What you are projecting will influence how they FEEL about you and your approach.

Do you feel that prospecting is about getting something from the prospect? Getting them to sign up? Getting them to buy your products or services? Getting them to buy the highest package?

If you do, then, this is a wrong signal to project.

Yes, we all want to get many people join us, buy our products and make huge commission checks.

But this kind of mindset will destroy your chance of success.

Remember, people can sense what you are about. Yes, some people can manipulate others, but there is no future in this type of tactics.

So, what should you do to not send wrong signals?

Here is a secret:

You need to turn what prospecting means to you, to what it means to the prospect. Most people look at prospecting as what we can GET from them, not what I can GIVE them.

Once you shift the focus to them, then they sense you are helping them, not you getting something form them to help yourself.

I know some of you think that you can fool people by pretending to focus on the prospects’ needs.

Just remember this, your intents and emotions are things people have a feeling towards you. It doesn’t have to be something they see physically. These you are projecting cannot be controlled. And usually, people can pick up false intentions immediately.

So, don’t try to manipulate.

Your intent to help others needs to be genuine at all times.

You must give without want in order to have.

Giving will make you attractive, thus, people will gravitate to you.

So, what do you give, besides your authentic self?

You need to give SOLUTIONS to your prospects problems. You need to be a solution provider.

What do your prospects need help solving?


The best way to find out…ASK.

Ask questions about their dreams, goals. Ask why they want to start a home business. Find their fears, desires, and motivations.

Once you know what your prospects’ needs are, you can then position your opportunity, products or services as a SOLUTION to what they are looking for.

Remember your signals:

Give value to prospects = ATTRACTION
Getting from prospects = Repellent

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Ed Tong

To Your Success,

Ed Tong
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