Abundance Mindset

Abundance Mindset>/h1>

Are you struggling with sponsoring people?

Are prospects not taking you seriously?

Often times your success in network marketing has to do with your mindset.

Most networkers approach this business with a “needy” mindset.

If you tell prospects you have the best product and the best company with an awesome payplan, and then proceed to beg them to join you, it just doesn’t make sense.

Think about it, if your opportunity and products are so great, shouldn’t people be begging to join you?

Yes, they should.

In order to get people to chase you, you need to have an Abundance Mindset.

When you have an Abundance Mindset, you don’t care if people join you or not, because you know you have something great.

You have control over the presentation, because when you are “needy”, the power is with the prospect.

You keep your emotion out of the sponsoring process. Emotion is one of the biggest killer in network marketing. Running your business on emotion is a recipe for headaches and heartaches. Don’t do that to yourself.

An Abundance Mindset will give you clarity in your business. It will help you create POSTURE.

To Your Success,

Ed Tong
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