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It’s great connecting with entrepreneurs like yourself.

I just want to share a short story about myself, so you can get to know me a little better.

I know in this day and age, with the internet and all, it’s hard to really know who you are talking to on the other side of the computer.

Do you know how some people always make money online? Read on and find out how…I’ll reveal the AAI Success Formula and the 5 C’s Funnel Method to help you make a full-time income online.

ed tong china home oldThis picture was taken in the mid 1970’s.

Now, back then China was not the superpower it is today…it was a very strict Communist country.

You may have heard the stuff that goes on in North Korea…well, it wasn’t that much different in China a few decades ago.

We emigrated to the US in the early 1980’s.

How we escaped communist China is a story for another day.

Long story short…my father risked his life and jumped the border at night, swam in open waters to Hong Kong and made his way to the United States. Yes, it’s an amazing story. We were re-united in the US 5 years later. This is the reason why he is not in the picture.

We actually went back to the same house 30 years later, and believe it or not, it’s still there..and still in pretty good shape.

Now, growing up in a foreign country wasn’t easy at first. Especially, in a small farming town in Central California.

But even as a foreigner and with the language barrier, my parents still managed to successfully start a restaurant business.

It just goes to show making money and success is not just available to the privileged few.

It about taking risk, taking action and never giving up on your dreams.

Unlike my parents, I took the traditional path…

I got good grades in school, got a degree and went to work in Corporate America.

San FranciscoI landed in San Francisco Bay Area after college.

I soon realized slaving away for someone else wasn’t the life that I had envisioned.

After working in Corporate America and consulting for over 15 years, I decided it wasn’t for me.

I hated working for a boss, couldn’t stand weekly meetings, despised red-tapes and loathe office politics.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t force myself to fit into the corporate mold.

If you heard the saying “round peg in a square hole”…that’s how I felt. I just didn’t belong.

I’m sure you can relate.

I wanted the freedom to do what I want, where I want and when I wanted.

Isn’t that what life is supposed to be about, right?  To live our lives to its fullest before it’s over.

I’ve always had an entrepreneur spirit. I guess this is influenced by my parents.

I left the corporate world, packed my bags and jetted half way around the world…to Asia.

You know what they say; “if you want to succeed bad enough you have to take drastic measures”.

And yes, my family and friends called me “CRAZY“.

Now, this wasn’t an easy decision as I was making $100/hr ($208,000/yr) as a corporate consultant before I left the US.

It was good money…comfortable money.

But you see, that’s the point…”comfortable” money…comfortable not Freedom.

Most people are comfortable, but far from free.

Now, I not saying you need to do what I did, but you have to make a decision and follow your dreams.

Nothing happens until you take that step…no matter how crazy it may sound.

You might be saying, “what if it doesn’t work?”

So, what if it doesn’t work? You’re still alive, right?

The right question to ask is, “what if it does works?”

Whats Your WhyThat image of success will give you all the motivation you need…this is your WHY.

Riches are not made by trading time for money…it’s about results and the value you provide to your chosen marketplace…and you won’t find this in a job.

I would like to tell you I made a fortune after I made the move, but road to success, most of the time, is not what we had initially planned. It takes hard work, there is a lot to learn and it takes persistence.

Long story short…after putting countless hours and a huge amount of money learning the online business industry, I now understand the secrets to making a full time income online.

I was able to build a six-figure business for my wife’s offline business in the first year after I cracked the code. Now, I’m applying those secrets to all my online ventures.

Our business Facebook Fan Page has already exceeded 260,000 fans and continues to grow by more than 3,000 fans per week…


I want to share with you what I have learned, so you don’t have to spend time and money like I did. I already went through all the trial and error.

Here are just some of the money I’ve made with affiliate marketing online:


Obviously, results are not typical…these are what I have made…your results are entirely up to you.

Now, I’m not trying to brag here.  I just want to show you what is possible if you follow the steps I have in store for you.

And this is not about me…it’s about YOU, and how I can help you achieve your goals.

Now, you might be saying, “why do you want to help me?

That’s a valid question.

You see, I’m looking for business partners…people who wants to partner with me and take this journey together.

And one of the secrets to creating the life that you want is helping others succeed. It’s a win-win, and that’s how things should be, right?

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” -Zig Ziglar

In the next few days I will share with you my make money online secrets.

If you have struggled to make money online, it may not be your fault. There is lot of misinformation out there, and many so-called gurus are not telling you the whole story.

I have spent thousands of dollars on training, books and materials to learn the necessary skills to make it BIG today and in the future…without HYPE or BS.

Just think about it, you don’t have to spend all that money and time. I already done that for you.

I will share my learning, and hope they will be helpful to you, cause if I knew  what I know now, I would’ve had a lot more FUN and be lot more PROFITABLE building an online business.

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BTW, I started my own little family in Asia…


Success Tip:

B + P + C = Success

Success is a process, and if you follow this formula your chance of success will increase exponentially.

Lets breakdown it down…

B = Belief

You have to believe that you can succeed. The biggest asset you have is your mindset.

Most of the time, our limitations, our fears, our weaknesses are self-imposed.

If you are to succeed in life, you will have to realized that you are the one who controls your destiny.

Do not fall into the mindset that someone or something is preventing you from your dreams.

Strengthen your BELIEF…your WHY…and believe that you can achieve it, then a brighter future will be opened up to you.

P = Persistence

The road to success can be a long, and sometimes lonely journey.

Family and friends will question you…some will call you crazy for chasing what they perceived to be unrealistic dreams.

But no success is without some sacrifice…when the going gets tough, remember your belief.

Never quit…focus on the path ahead.

Not sure what to do? Find a mentor.

Our world would be a boring place if Thomas Edison gave up on the light bulb, or if the Wright brothers believed we weren’t meant to fly.

BTW, Thomas Edison failed over 1,000 times before perfecting the light bulb.

Do not accept failure…it’s just a learning process…learn, refine and move forward.

Success is not easy. If that was the case, everyone would be living the good life.

The main reason why most people never achieve their goals is because they give up too soon.

C = Consistency

We all heard of the saying, “practice makes perfect”.

You have to continually do the things that will make you successful.

I remember when I first learned how to ride a bicycle. It was hard…I fell a lot…scraped my hands and arms a few times…it was painful…but I eventually got it…now, I can jumped on a bike and ride, and don’t even have to think about it.

I also remember doing my first business presentation in front of a crowd. It was terrifying…I felt like I want to die…but after a few times, it got a whole lot easier.

As long as you consistently do the things that will make you successful, you cannot fail.

Follow these 3 steps…I call it the AAI Success Formula:

1. Acquire
2. Apply
3. Inspire

and repeat.

Acquire the necessary knowledge and skills…Apply what you have learned (knowledge without action is useless)…Inspire others to succeed.

One of the secrets to creating a successful business is helping others by providing value to the marketplace. The more value you provide and the more problems you solve, the wealthier you will become.

Consistently do that and you will build an empire.

Bonus Tip For Making Money Online:

Here is the fact:

Over 95% of people who start an online business fail.

It’s true, and most guru’s will not tell you this.

There is no magic button or insider secret that will make you a millionaire next week…it doesn’t exist…and if someone tell you that you better run the other way.

It’ll take hard work. If you want to speed up the process, work smart by partnering with someone who already have the knowledge.

One of the reasons why people fail is because they are thinking about the process all wrong.

Most people join a company or find a product and then pester everyone to join them or buy their products.

In the online world it’s looks like this:

Traffic –> Offer

Doing this is a sure way to fail online.

Think of it this way…would you ask someone to marry you on the first date?

Some may say “yes”, but most will think you are creepy…and will never want to see you again.

This is what most people do online…this is why the failure rate is so high.

So, what is the right process?

This is what the successful 5% do:

Traffic –> System –> Offer

The key is looking at it backwards…

1. Find the hottest, most profitable offer (Offer).
2. Find or create the highest converting sales funnel (System)
3. Find the most targeted traffic available (Traffic)

But not just any offer…you need to find an offer that will provide you with the highest profit as possible.

The only way to get this is by promoting top tier products…high ticket (high commission).

Here is why you need high ticket. Let say you want to make $100,000 a year…that’s $8,333 a month:

If you are selling a $10 eBook…you’ll need 833 sales every month to make $100K.

Think about it…do you think you can make 833 sales every single month?

But if you are promoting an offer where you can make $1,000 per sale…you only need around 8 sales.

I don’t know about you, but I rather make 8 sales than 833.

The other piece that is missing, and this what separates the 5% from those who are struggling, is the system…and if you want to promote high ticket products, you will need a system.

The system is where you build the relationship…or in dating terms…wine and dine, lol.

You have to show that you Care before you can Convert.

Follow this 5 C’s Funnel Method:

1. Capture
2. Connect
3. Care
4. Convert
5. Cultivate

You need to use lead capture pages to Capture prospects contact info…Connect with them with email followups…Care for your subscribers by providing value and solving their problems…then Convert subscribers into customers.

After the prospect becomes a customer, Cultivate the relationship further…doing this will create loyal followers and repeat customers.

You can do this all yourself, or you can plug into a done-for-you system.

BTW, we went back to that house in China 30 years later…

china home new

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