5 Fundamentals Of Internet Marketing You Must Know

Making money online is quite simple if you follow a few fundamentals.

Usually the problem is most people over complicate things…and usually is not their fault.

You see, we get hundreds of different messages thrown at us every week. Some of these information are good, but the vast majority of them are very bad examples of what it really takes to build a successful online business.

Fundamental #1

So, one of the first thing you need to do is to make sure you eliminate the bad advises and get a coach or mentor as soon as you can. This is crucial, as it will shorten your learning curve.

Most people quit this business because they usually get overwhelmed with all the things that are thrown at them. Without knowing what the right path is, you will eventually throw in the towel and quit before you can get any traction.

A good coach will guide around the mistakes, so you don’t make them. This will save you countless hours of trial and error, as well as money.

This is the secret to the fastest way to success.

Fundamental #2

You need to make the transition from an employee to “business owner” mindset.

I want to share something with you from T Harv Eker, a well know training, author and motivational speaker, list some of the differences in thinking between the “poor and middle class” and the “financially independent and rich”.  He sums it up perfectly.

This list highlights some of the main limiting beliefs most people have:


People who are doing well think vastly different than those who are struggling financially.

Take a look at this list carefully.

If most of your thinking is on the left hand side, you need to shift your mindset to the right as fast as possible.

Remember this, only you can change your mindset. you need to take responsibility for you own results.

One of the most important lessons is to accept absolute full responsibility for where you are financially. Your currently situation is based on your actions, no one else. You need to recognize that…learn…and move forward.

Fundamental #3

Know your Avatar…not the movie 🙂

An Avatar is a representation of your ideal customer (who is likely to buy your product).

Most people don’t bother to research who their ideal customers are…and this is one of the main reason most fail.

Selling anything online will require time and money. Those are valuable resources.

If you don’t know who you are selling to, you will quickly exhaust those resources.

The more detail you have about your Avatar the better your chance of success.

Here is an example of an Avatar:

Name: Jeff Smith
Age: 30 years old
Status: Married with 2 kids
Job: Mid-level corporate manager
Income: $65,000 per year
Location: Lives in the suburbs
Car: 2010 Honda Accord
Interest: Golf, travelling, reading self-help books, attending business seminars, investing, forex
Hangout online: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, financial blogs, news sites, sports sites

Once you have all the details of your ideal Avatar, you can tailor your marketing efforts to that specific person. This will increase conversion tremendously.

Fundamental #4

Know your Economics.

Most of us have probably heard or seen this:

Traffic + Conversion = $$

Traffic is just eyeballs/people…the secret, of course, is the right traffic.

Conversion is the ability to be able to persuade someone to buy your product. Conversion is a lot easier when you have the right traffic.

There is actually one piece that is missing…

…and that is Economics.

Economics – are you making a profit, taking into account of the cost of making the sales?

The Economics of your business must be profitable, otherwise, there is no reason to continue with that business.

When you just look at “Traffic + Conversion“, you are looking at gross, not net sales. Net is what you keep.

So, even if you grossing millions, but only netting peanuts, than you really don’t have a very profitable business.

The better your Economics the faster you can scale your business.

Focus on Net…the Economics.

Fundamental #5

You have to know where most of the money is made in your business.

Most of the money you will make in your business is not getting new customers.

It’s getting existing customers to buy more: REPEAT BUYERS.

You want them to be spending more with you over time…and the only way you can do this is by consistently providing value…find additional ways to help them.

Remember, the most expensive sale you’re going to make is the first sale. Once someone buys from you, a relationship is formed…they trusted you enough to buy from you.

Because of that relationship, getting them to buy more from you, is infinitely easier than selling to someone who don’t know you yet.

Repeat buyers are where the bigger income earners are pulling in the big money.

Here Is What To Do Next…

The fastest and best way to success is to work with a coach or mentor. This will shorten you learning curve tremendously

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