3 Steps To Building An Online Business Empire


If you are not having any success online it may not be your fault. The fact is there are too much misinformation, hype and down right scams everywhere.

As an aspiring entrepreneur you need to watch out who you listen to and be very selective as to what you are promoting.

Building a profitable online business can be a challenge, and most of the time people just over-complicate things, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Just follow these proven 3 steps to building an online business empire:

1. Build Your List
2. Build Relationship With Your List
3. Promote High-Quality Products You Believe In

Let’s expand on each of these steps…

1. Build Your List…in this case, building your email list.

When you are engaged in an online business, especially with digital products, you don’t have many assets.

The most important asset is your email list. Your list should be segmented into 2 categories for maximum effectiveness:

1. Prospect List
2. Customer List

It’s important to separate these 2 groups, because some of your marketing messages should be different depending on the group.

Here is how to build your email list:

1. You need to provide something of value in exchange for visitor’s email. This is known as a Lead Magnet in the industry.
2. You need a Lead Capture Page to capture the email address.
3. You need an Email Autoresponder to store that email.

Remember, your Lead Magnet needs to be something that your visitors want without a second thought….needs to be high quality and high value.

2. Build Relationship With Your List.

Most people will tell you “the money is in the list”. In some cases it’s true, but although your list is important, you will not make money if you don’t build a relationship with the people in your list.

Remember, they are “people”. Most marketers treat their list like, well, email addresses…don’t do that. You have to remind yourself those are “people” with emotions, fears, doubts, skepticism, hope, etc…

How to build a solid relationship with your list:

  1. Show them you are a real human being, not just another mysterious figure behind the computer
  2. Share personal stories
  3. Provide value that will help them get results
  4. Be the leader they are looking for
  5. Inspire them to achieve more
  6. Care about them

Once you show that you care, then converting a prospect to a customer is simple.

3. Promote High-Quality Products You Believe In

I see so many people promoting low-quality or hyped up products out there… and this is one of the reason why most people fail in this industry.

Promoting these types of products is like “churn and burn”.  After a while people are going to stop following you, because you are not looking out for their best interest. Yes, you can make some money in the short-term, but doing this is a sure way to repel people down the road.

Make sure you are promoting something you believe in…something you can proudly offer to your list.

Even though one of our main objectives is to make money, you have to realize that without people’s trust in you, you have no business.

When you promote something you believe in, selling is easy. People will see your passion and conviction…and this is enough for people to believe in you and join you.

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwMmEz4b2co

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