how to buy web hosting

Create Your Online Real Estate Part 2 – How To Buy And Setup Web Hosting

  Here is a step by step guide to buy and setup web hosting. In order to make your website live you’ll need web hosting. Web hosting is essentially renting a space on the hosting companies server. When someone accesses your website, it’s actually accessing the files from that server. Learn how to buy and…

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how to register domain

Create Your Online Real Estate Part 1 – Registering Domain

  Here is a step by step guide to register your domain. Registering your domain is the first step to get an online real estate so you can marketing and promote your products or services on the web. Two of the popular services in the market right now are Namecheap and Godaddy. I have used…

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don't look like a spammer to facebook

Don’t Look Like A Spamming To Facebook – Clean Out Your Friend Requests

  If you send out a lot of friend requests and most of them don’t accept you as a friend, Facebook may tag you as a spammer. Think about it, if people don’t accept your request it’s very likely you don’t know them. Facebook personal profiles are meant to be for personal use…ie, connecting with…

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Go PSYCHO on Psychographics

You probably wonder why I put an image of PSYCHO on this posts. Read on, you’ll find out… Knowing the target market you are selling to or serving is crucial if you want to have a sustainable business. Most people who start a business mainly focus on the product. It’s natural because it’s something they…

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marketing online ed tong inc

Marketing Online: Here Is What You Need To Know

If you want to be successful marketing online, you need to know some specific things. Hopefully by now you know the importance of using the internet to promote your products, services and offers. As internet penetration grows around the world, billions of people are online looking for solutions, and those solutions can be exactly what…

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Millionaire Mindset

Millionaire Mindset Many people would love to be a millionaire, but most really have no idea how to get to that point. What are the secrets of millionaires? What do millionaires know that most don’t? Are they born to be special? Well, I’m here to tell you, if you ask most millionaires, they’ll tell you…

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Future of Network Marketing

Future of Network Marketing (This is a transcript of my State of Network Marketing video) I sure some of you are aware that there has been a shift, or a movement, within the MLM industry in the last few years. What is coming will define the future of the industry. The future of Network Marketing…

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How To Attract Prospects To You

How To Attract Prospects To You So, how do you attract prospects to you? First, let’s look at the psychology of attraction. Some of these concepts are discussed in detail in Mike Dillard’s “Magnetic Sponsoring”, who is regarded as the Father of Attraction Marketing for network marketers. Contrary to what people think, attraction is not…

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Internet connection

MLM Online: Here Is What You Need To Know

MLM Online: Here Is What You Need To Know I’m sure most of you are aware of the recent trend regarding doing MLM Online. Now, I’m not talking about those programs that are internet based company who don’t sell any physical products. I’m talking about using the internet for MLM lead generation, relationship building and…

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Private Blog Networks Backlinks: Warning!

Private Blog Networks Backlinks:  Warning! I’ve been spending a great deal of time learning Internet Marketing in the past few months.  I can tell you, there is so much to learn.  If someone told you it is easy, then your BS detector is not working. One of the most talked about topics is getting your…

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